Summer Home Maintenance List

It has been a warm and wet summer here in the DC metro and it’s crazy to think that summer will be over before we know it.  Summer is a great time to head to the pool, have drinks at a rooftop bar and hit one on the many trails we are fortunate to have.  The summer time also gives us some extra hours of daylight each day! 

When looking to buy a home, it’s important to think about all the maintenance that comes along with owning a home from the landscaping, interior, roof and all components that make up a home.  Home ownership isn’t always easy but it is most definitely rewarding.  The extra daylight in the summer makes it also a great time to catch up on some maintenance tasks that have likely been neglected during other parts of the year. While your list might vary a little, depending on the type of property you own, here is a great starting list to help you tackle some of those much needed maintenance chores this season.

  • Yard Maintenance - It’s time to schedule that weekend yard project. Trimming trees and shrubs, mowing the lawn and planting some flowers can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home. It’s also best to clear any debris from rain gutters and if needed new mulch and correct drainage issues.  Drainage issues are typically easy and cheap fixes that can cause foundation issues if not corrected from a long term prospective.
  • Paint and Siding Touch ups - Review the exterior of your home for chipping paint or worn or dirty siding. Examine the trim as well as areas by the ground for signs of moisture and repair areas showing any wear.
  • HVAC Systems - The HVAC system in your home is such an expensive component in a home.  It’s always best to keep the system maintained to ensure the longest possible life.  I’d recommend having your furnace and air conditioning systems serviced and cleaned at the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter.
  • Clean and Inspect the Chimney - A common fire and safety concern is the chimney. It’s recommended to call a local chimney company to take a look and have the chimney cleaned.
  • Check the Roof - With all the rain we’ve had this summer, it’s easy to check for evidence of roof leaks and correct any current problem. This is also a good time to repair any old water damage in ceilings in the home, garage or attic.
  • Smoke Detectors - Install new batteries in smoke detectors, if needed.  Also, if it has been a while since the smoke detectors have been replaced, consider buying new ones.  They are only good for roughly 10 years.
  • Windows - Wash the windows in and out and repair or replace any screens.

Spending a little time this summer to work on these projects can make a huge difference to your home!