The power of the Internet has brought numerous resources for buyers to consult with when looking to buy a house.  It's always best to stick with a local Realtor® with experience in neighborhoods where you're focusing.  Most importantly, your Realtor® should have recommendations for all specialists you will need throughout the home buying process.  The best advice is to work with a local lender with a local mortgage company.  I have plenty of connections to help you find the right parties to help you through the entire buying process.

Searching for Homes

It's so easy to search for homes that are on the market!  I would be able to set you up with saved searches based on criteria you are looking at and we would both receive updates on all properties coming on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service - where properties with Realtors® are listed).  We can then set up tours for these homes to see if they are potential options to buy.  There are several other options to finding properties such as: finding off market sellers, door knocking and mailers to find potential homes for you.  It's important to work with a Realtor® that covers all bases to finding the right home for you!

Offer Process

Once you've found the right home and are ready to write an offer, your Agent will connect with the listing agent to find out information that can best help write the best offer.  Your Agent should advise you on all aspects of the offer regarding offer price, inspection time frames, closing date, earnest money deposit and more.  You'll work with your lender to get all documentation for loan approval and hire an inspector to go through the home with your Agent and yourself.  From there, you can ask the seller to repair certain items or ask for a closing cost credit for inspection items.  The bank will also have an appraiser verify the price you're paying for the home.  These items will need to be satisfied in a standard transaction before you can get to closing.  Before closing, you will do a walk-through to verify the condtion of the property before taking ownership.  At closing, it will take about an hour but the title company will review all documents with you and answer your questions.  Upon signing, you will receive the keys to your new home :)